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npm install includejs-loader
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Resource Loader


  • Scripts, Styles, Ajax
  • All resources can be combined (scripts/styles/images/etc.) afterwards (but not necessary) with IncludeJS.Builder
  • Inline Dependency Declaration No external files, as package.json or config.js
  • Can be loaded any script file. No prerequests for module definition
  • Routing include.routes({ controller: '/src/controllers/{0}.js' }); / ... / include.js({controller: 'user' });
  • Parameterized include

    include.js({ compo: 'myCompo?color=green' }); myCompo.js : = include.iparams.color

  • Module Exports

    myScript.js include.exports = { logMe: console.log.bind(console, 'Me') }

  • Javascript Aliases

    include.js('myScript.js::Logger').done(function(response){ response.Logger.logMe(); }); or without alias: include.js('myScript.js').done(function(response){ response.myScript.logMe(); });

  • Custom Loader Support

    Already implemented .coffee and .less

    IncludeJS.Builder will compile coffeescript and less to javascript and css for better "release" performance
  • Lazy Modules Scripts will be evaluated only when you needs them
  • Browser and nodejs
  • Performance
  • No dependencies


IncludeJS is part of LibJS Project

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