take buffer chunks until the inflated result is === size

npm install inflate-until
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a module for that really odd case where you know how big the thing you're deflating is, but you want to deflate it and know how big the compressed data was.

NB: this is slow.

var stream = inflateUntil(256)

inflateUntil.write(buf, function(info) {
  if(info) {



inflateUntil(size) -> inflate

create an inflateUntil function.

inflate(buf, ready) -> undefined

add another buf to the available bytes. calls ready when finished -- if there was enough data to determine whether or not we've reached size + the adler checksum, ready will receive an info argument:

{ compressed: Number    // size of compressed bytes written
, rest: Buffer          // Buffer representing unused bytes
, data: Buffer }        // uncompressed data



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