npm install infrastructure

npm install infrastructure
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npm install infrastructure

in your code:

var config = require("path/to/config/file")
var infrastructure = require("infrastructure");

infrastructure(config);  //And your app runs

The configuration

In your config.js file provide the falowing data: module.exports = { ...your config data here }

Required fields

  server:{interface:"", port:3000}, //It's clear
  sessionCookie: "cookie_name",
  mongoStoreSesssionDb: "your_app_name_sessions" // for now it uses mongostore for sessions

Optional fields

A static folder { staticFolder: dirname+"../static" //or staticFolder: [dirname+"../static", __dirname+"../uploadedImages"] //if you have to assign multiple static folders }

Load custom files in the client when require() { bundleParse:{ '.doc': function(body, filename){ //parse the body and return valid javascriptcode as string } } } Client configuration { client: {...} //Write what you want, will be accessible in browser's javascript code as 'config' global variable }

The bundles module.exports = { bundles:dirname+"relative/path/to/your/bundle/file" } And your bundles file: module.exports = [ //Array of objects specifying your javascript bundles { name: "bundle_name", load:true, //When true - deletes bundle cache, when false - creates bundle cache, if not exists entryPoint: dirname+"relative/path/to/your/bundle/entry/point" // can be and coffeescript file mountPoint: '/bundles/your_bundle_name.js' //This will be the address that you will write in src attribute of script, when loading the bundle in client's browser }, { ... next bundles ... } ];

The routes Config file { routes: __dirname+"/path/to/your/routes/folder" } All files in your routes folder will be loaded (except thes with load:false)

Example code for route file module.exports = { method: "GET", // "POST", "PUT", "DELETE"

  //Single route address
  route: "/route_address", 
  // or
  //This page will be rendered as response for any of uris requiested
  route: ["/books", "/books/:id", "/books/:id/page/:page_num"] 

  //The page title
  title:"Your page title", //Can be changed later in callback, if provided

    "", //external library
    "/js/jquery_upload/jquery.fileupload.js", //file in your static folder
    "/bundles/my-bundle.js" //bundle mount point

    "", //external style
    "/styles/css/my_style.css", //in your static folder
    "/styles/less/my_cool_style.less" //if you are using clientside less compiler

  //Websocket services that will be active on this page
  //Can be edited later in callback function

  //Page config - will extend client configuration in main config file
  //can be modified in calback function
    key: "value"



$>node app test       //Runs all tests in your tests folder
$>node app test path  //Runs only specified file or all files in specified folder

// Files and folders begining with "_" will be avoided
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