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Inline functions in JavaScript

npm install inlinify
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Preprocesses JavaScript functions so that they can be inlined as macros.


var inline = require("inlinify")

//Preprocess a function for inlining
var inline_block = inline(
  function(local_arg0, local_arg1) {
    var s = local_arg0 + local_arg1
    this.potato = s
    console.log("s = ", s)
    return s * 10
  }, "inline_prefix_", ["arg0", "arg1"])

//Retrieve variables

require("inlinify")(func, prefix, args)

Preprocesses func so that it can be inlined into a block of code.

  • func is the function to inline
  • prefix is a string which is used to relabel all the variables in func to avoid conflicts
  • args is the list of arguments for func

Returns An object with the following properties:

  • variables a list of the local variables in func
  • this_variables a list of variables in the this object of the func
  • body an inlinable string representing the body of the function
  • return_variable the name of the return variable for the function


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License

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