24-bit integer serialization

npm install int24
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int24 is a simple utility library for serializing 24-bit integers.

Why is this useful?

A really good question. Probably not very useful to most people. I needed this for work I'm doing in Node.js with the Hadoop Writable serialization (e.g. VLong), so I figured I'd share what I used.


var int24 = require('int24');

var buf = new Buffer(3); //  3 byte Buffer
int24.writeUInt24BE(buf, 0, 16777215); // writes out 0xFFFFFF to the buffer at offset 0

var val;
var buf = new Buffer([0x01, 0x02, 0x03]);
val = int24.readInt24LE(buf, 0); // 197121
val = int24.readInt24BE(buf, 0); // 66051


npm install int24


npm test


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