iterate all the files

npm install iterate-files
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Iterate all the files


Basic usage:

var iterateFiles = require("iterate-files"),
    path = require("path")

// Load all javascript files in the test folder or any of their sub folders
iterateFiles(path.join(process.cwd(), "./test"), function (fileName) {
    // run code for each recursively found js file
}, function (err) {
    // run code when all files have been found recursively
}, /.js$/)


iterateFiles(uri, fileCallback, finishCallback, regexp)

recursively call the fileCallback for every file in the folder. Calls the finishCallback if all files have been handled or if an err occurs.

Optionally pass in a regexp to match the fileName by. If the regexp fails then the fileCallback will not be called for that file

MIT Licenced

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