Jade middelware precompiles Jade templates for functional execution in the browser

npm install jade-browser-middleware
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Jade-Browser-Middleware is a simple piece of middleware for express that precompiles your Jade templates and writes them to files in your project folder as functions you can access in your client-side JS.


On the server

Require jade-browser-middleware

var jbm = require('./jade-browser-middleware')

Assign the middleware to your Express app and define the source of your templates, and the namespace you'd like to use for compiled template functions in the browser.

    src: __dirname + '/public/templates',
    namespace: 'NS.templates'

On each request the middleware will look for the any JS files in the src property you defined, if it's not there or changes have been made to the file, it'll compile it, and write it to the src directory as the JS file named in the request.

In the browser

If you need to execute a jade template during runtime, you can access the 'jade' function through the namespace you defined.

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