require jade files in node

npm install jadequire
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require jade files in node (synchronously)

Uses require.extensions[] internally, and fs.readFileSync, so be aware of the synchronous i/o happening if you use this (i.e. not in a request handler).

npm install jadequire

register handler

var jadequire = require('jadequire');

  extension: '.jade', // default
  encoding: 'utf8', // default
  compileDebug: false, // default
  // ... any other options you can pass into jade.compile()

...and require your jade files

h1 {#name}
h2 I was the turkey the whole time!
// yes, this is synchronous i/o, so be careful where you use it
var tpl = require('template.jade');

<h2>I was the turkey the whole time!</h2>

unregister handler

jadequire.remove(); // removes '.jade' extension handler

jadequire.remove('.jd') // specify handler to remove

// jadequire also returns a handler that can be removed
var handler = jadequire({
  extension: '.jd'

handler.remove(); // removes the .jd extension handler
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