James plugin to compile CoffeeScript files.

npm install james-coffee
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CoffeeScript to JavaScript transformer for James.js.

james  = require 'james'
coffee = require 'james-coffee'

module.exports = tasks = {}

tasks.default = ->
  james.list 'src/**/*.coffee', (files) ->
    files.forEach (file) ->
        .transform(coffee bare: true)
        .write file.replace('src', 'dist').replace '.coffee', '.js'


createStream(options) Returns a new CoffeeScript compiler pipe with given options.

literate:   boolean : Expect literate CoffeeScript instead of regular.
bare:       boolean : Don't wrap source to a closure.
header:     boolean : Print "// Compiled with CoffeeScript 1.x" on top of the compiled js file.

// TODO:
sourceMap:  boolean : Produce source map
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