Jassi is a JSON data validator.

npm install jassi
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Jassi - Javascript JSON Schema validator

Jassi is a JSON Schema validator written Javascript. It implements the v4 draft. The library is packaged as both CommonJS (the Node.js variety) and AMD modules and should be compatible with most Javascript environments.

Implemented validation keywords

Validation keywords for numeric instances (number and integer)

  • multipleOf
  • maximum and exclusiveMaximum
  • minimum and exclusiveMinimum

Validation keywords for strings

  • maxLength
  • minLength
  • pattern

Validation keywords for arrays

  • items and additionalItems
  • maxItems
  • minItems
  • uniqueItems

Validation keywords for objects

  • maxProperties
  • minProperties
  • required
  • properties, additionalProperties and patternProperties
  • dependencies

Validation keywords for any instance type

  • enum
  • type
  • allOf
  • anyOf
  • oneOf
  • not
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