The most advanced, yet intuitive, grid system on the market today

npm install jeet
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Jeet is the most advanced, yet intuitive, grid system on the market today. You can think of it like the spiritual successor to

By making use of the power of pre-processors, we can now pass real fractions (or float numbers) as context that generates a percentage based width and gutter for grids. We're able to do this while maintaining a consistently sized infinitely nestable gutter.

Check out this presentation to learn more about what sets Jeet above other grid systems, then enjoy one of Jeet's many pre-processor flavors:

Want to sandbox it right this very second? Fork some examples on CodePen.

Jeet is curated by loving hands at...

(psst, we're hiring)

  • Jeff Escalante - For his patience and guidance with this project.
  • Gabriel Manricks - For constantly helping. The man is unstoppable.
  • Mitchell Coote - For contributing the sweet goodness of consistently sized gutters even in nested contexts (seriously-tricky-business).
  • Carrot Creative - For keeping up with Jeet and using it on some of the biggest companies in the world.
  • The rest of ya's - Thanks for your love. It makes developing this project fun and rewarding for everyone.
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