Now obsoleted by the rtcpeerconnection package

A wrapper for RTCPeerConnection that uses a JSON API instead of raw SDP.

npm install jingle-rtcpeerconnection
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What is this?

Jingle-RTCPeerConnection is a wrapper for Henrik Joreteg's RTCPeerConnection that works with JSON instead of raw SDP, as processed by SDP-Jingle-JSON.


npm install jingle-rtcpeerconnection

If you're not using browserify or you want AMD support use jingle-rtcpeerconnection.bundle.js.

How to Use

Jingle-RTCPeerConnection exposes the same API methods and events as RTCPeerConnection.

The differences are:

  • Offer and answer results look like:

          type: "offer", // or "answer",
          sdp: "RAW SDP",
          json: {...}
  • ICE candidates are JSON objects and not an SDP line string.




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