Jetpack Mechanic utilities for creating, testing, running and packaging Mozilla Jetpack Addons

npm install jpm
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Jetpack Manager for Node.js


jpm has several commands: run, xpi, init, test, with details below. Some options are:

  • -b, --binary <path> Use the specified Firefox binary to run the addon. Used in run and test.
  • -v, --verbose Prints additional debugging information.
  • --binary-args <CMDARGS> Passes the additional arguments into Firefox. Multiple arguments must be enclosed in quotes.
  • -p, --profile <PROFILE> Uses the profile name or path when running Firefox. Paths must start with either "./" or "/", or otherwise assumed to be a profile name.


Currently, any addon with unspecified engines, or engines supporting versions of Firefox where AOM support for native jetpacks does not exist, jpm will add a install.rdf and bootstrap.js file for backwards compatability. This can be overridden with the --force-aom flag, which will not build with these additional files. This is mainly for testing AOM support while still in development.

jpm run

Runs the current addon.

jpm test

Tests the current addon.

jpm xpi

Zips up the current addon into a .xpi file.

jpm init

Provides a series of prompts to create a package.json for an addon.

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