A scraper for the jpopsuki torrent tracker

npm install jps
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A small scraper for the jpopsuki tracker


var jps = require('jps');

jps.getTorrents({ cookie: 'cookiegoeshere'}, function(err, torrents) {
  var newt = 0;
  for (var i = 0; i < torrents.length; i++) {
    if (torrents[i].new) {
  console.log('There are', newt, 'new torrents!');


jps.getTorrents(options, callback(err, torrents))

Gets a list of torrents. options must be passed in a cookie field to be able to access jpopsuki. Optionally, a query field can be passed in options too to request a more specific torrent search. The callback gets an array of torrents if successful. The torrent object looks like this:

  new: false,
  group: false,
  artist: {
    id: 173,
    name: 'SHINee',
    orgname: '샤이니'
  release: {
    id: 83835,
    type: 'PV',
    title: 'Lucifer (Japanese Version)',
    orgtitle: null,
    date: '2011',
    comments: 1,
    tags: [ 'japanese', 'korean', 'pop', 'male.vocalist' ]
  torrent: {
    id: 110116,
    filetype: 'MP4',
    quality: null,
    source: 'WEB',
    reissue: null,
    freeleech: false,
    files: 1,
    added: '1 day, 3 hours',
    size: '185.18 MB',
    snatchers: 139,
    seeders: 50,
    leechers: 0

jps.parseTorrents(html, callback(err, torrents))

Like getTorrents but you must provide the html string yourself.


Marks torrents you've already seen old.

Returns the link to a release image. ie album cover.

Returns the link to a release thumbnail image.

Returns the link to an artist's page.

Returns the link to a torrent's page.

Returns the link to a release's page.

Returns the link to a torrent's download. Excluding the authkey and torrent_pass fields in the url.


npm install jps


Tests are written with vows

npm test



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