Server-side jQuery wrapper for node.

npm install jq
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Use jQuery on the server side of your node.js apps.

$ npm install jq

The versions on npm will coincide with jQuery releases.

Then use:

var $ = require('jq').jQuery;

var doc = '<html><body><div id="hello">Universe!</div></body></html>',
    hello = $('#hello', doc).html();

console.log('Hello ' + hello); // Hello Universe!

See tests for other use cases.

Using other versions of jQuery

Inspired by other jQuery node implementions, but has a version switch tool.

Clone or add as submodule to your project. Then from within jq directory get dev dependancies:

$ npm install

And then use build command to switch to a version of your choice:

$ ./bin/jq build 1.6.4

Will accept any version that is listed as tag at github.com/jquery/jquery.


Tests require expresso.

$ expresso

Another one?

This tool is based on the awesome coolaj86/node-jquery but with a different build system. Needed a little more control over versioning with some upcoming projects.

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