An assets combine and minify tool

npm install js-combiner
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An assets combine and minify tool


Js-combiner is a simple tool to combine and minify javascript files. It can also share server side variables to client side js files.


Download and place it inside node_moudles. Or use npm: npm install js-combiner. Tested only under express.


file: app.js

var combiner = require('js-combiner')(
                'files' : ['/bundle.js']

file: /public/bundle.js


New generated file with all the content will be: /public/packed/bundle.packed.js

Combiner settings:

    'files'        : [],             //array of files where search for require directives
    'minify'       : false,          //minify the whole files
    'reload'       : false,          //recreate file when theres some change in required files
    'log'          : false,          //output logs
    'packedSuffix' : 'packed',       //suffix of the new recreated file
    'packedFolder' : 'packed',       //folder where to put packed files
    'folder'       : '/public/js',   //folder where are the js files located
    'cwd'          : process.cwd(),  //current working directory
    'vars'         : {}              //extra variables to put into client js file

You can also pass custom variables inside vars property, like:

var combiner = require('js-combiner')(
                'files' : ['/bundle.js'],
                'vars'    : {
                    'ENV' : 'production'

And than acces this variable inside client js files by calling: ${ENV}

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