Convert arbitary javascript to simple XML. Developed for ApiAxle.

npm install js2xml
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A very simple library that converts a simple data structure into XML. Doesn't support namespaces or attributes, just very simple output. This allows you to write JSON and XML from the same structure without a middle-man.

It's written in Coffeescript but the JS is included.


$ npm install js2xml


var Js2Xml = require("js2xml").Js2Xml;

var person = {
  name: "Phil Jackson",
  mood: "Bored",
  stuff: [ "love, "puppies", 2, 2.3, { one: { two: "three" } } ],
  morestuff: { milkshake: "banana" }

var js2xml = new Js2Xml("person", person);


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <name>Phil Jackson</name>

Pluralisation of lists

Here's how you might override the pluralisation function to deal with anonymous list items in Coffeescript:

class AppleXml extends Js2Xml
  @map =
    "apples": "apple"

  pluralisation: ( name ) ->
    return @constructor.map[ name ] or "item"
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