This version is not maintained. Please check js-beautify

Online http://jsbeautifier.org/ - node version.

npm install jsbeautify
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JS Beautifier

...or, more specifically, all of the code powering jsbeautifier.org.

This is a node implementation of jsbeautifier.


npm install -g jsbeautify


jsbeautify [options] [input file] [output file]


jsbeautify minifiy.js ../lib/main.js


indent_size - Indentation size,
indent_char: Character to indent with,
preserve_newlines: Whether existing line breaks should be preserved,
preserve_max_newlines: Maximum number of line breaks to be preserved in one chunk,
jslint_happy: If true, then jslint-stricter mode is enforced,
brace_style: "collapse" | "expand" | "end-expand" | "expand-strict" - put braces on the same line as control statements (default), or put braces on own line (Allman / ANSI style), or just put end braces on own line.,
space_before_conditional: Should the space before conditional statement be added, "if(true)" vs "if (true)"

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