Newline Separated JSON, Sorted String Tables.

npm install json-sst
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Newline Separated JSON, Sorted String Tables.

This module is currently README only, just writing up these ideas, hopefully to implement them soon, and use them to build a
leveldown clone in pure js.


Experimental: Expect the unexpected. Please provide feedback on api and you use-case


openSST(file, cb)

Open at SST.

createSST(file, [iterator1, iterator2,...], cb)

Create a new SST from two or more iterators. Once the table is completely written it cannot be altered.

It is not possible to alter a SST once it's written.

createIterator (opts)

Create an iterator with the same api as levelDOWN#iterator

get(key, function cb (err, value))

Retrive a value. This will probably be implemented via a binary search.

Implementation Ideas.

An SST will be persisted as sorted {key: key, value: value} json pairs, then a footer. The footer will can have meta information, such as the size of the file, and a bit of information about the keys in the SST, such as a partial table of key locations, which could be used to improve the performance of the binary search.

This could be combined with a module for a JSONLog which would have createIterator and get but also, put',batchanddelete`.

These two modules could be combined to make a simple leveldb clone in pure JS!



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