Generate SASS vars files out of JSONs

npm install json2sass
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Generate SASS vars file out of a JSON

It turns this:

    "/*": "This is a special comment",
    "button": {
        "//": "This is a simple comment",
        "color": "green",
        "padding": "10px",
        "font": {
            "family": "'Helvetica Arial sans-serif'",
            "color": "white"

Into this:

 * This is a special comment

// This is a simple comment
$button-color: green
$button-padding: 10px
$button-font-family: 'Helvetica Arial sans-serif'
$button-font-color: white


  • Nodejs


Using as a module:

var json2sass = require('json2sass');
json2sass.toSass('path/to/existing.json', 'path/to/created.sass');

Or by cloning the repo:

node . path/to/existing.json path/to/created.sass
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