Command line tool for repacing all double quoted strings with single quoted strings in a file or directory. Usage: jsq fileOrDirectory [fileOrDirectory [..]]

npm install jsq
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Command line tool for transforming all double quote strings in JavaScript (.js) file(s) to single quoted strings

npm install jsq -g


jsq fileOrDirectory [fileOrDirectory [...]] [-v]

-v will give you verbose output.


A file containing the code:

var y = "hello";
function x(){
    return "hello\" I am a string's for sure";

Will contain this, after jsq is run on it:

var y = 'hello';
function x(){
    return 'hello" I am a string\'s for sure';

jsq prints errors when running it with -v parameter, should I worry?

TLDR; No don't worry. Files are just skipped.

When in verbose mode jsq prints an error for one of two reasons:

  • The JavaScript code is invalid and can not be parsed correctly: The file is skipped.
  • There is a bug in jsq that would cause it to produce malformed JavaScript: The file is skipped.

So basically, jsq is just letting you know that some files are beeing skipped.

why create jsq?

I created this tool because we where initially using both single quoted and double quoted strings in our JavaScript code on a project.

Then we decided that our coding-standard should be single-quotes JavaSctipt strings, but the codebase was a mix.

With jsq I was able to clean up the entire project in a jiff.

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