Jungles Content Management System

npm install jungles
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Jungles - Content Management System

This module bundles all the other modules you need to setup Jungles.

var jungles = {

  auth: {
    persona: require('jungles-auth-persona'),
    simple: require('jungles-auth-simple'),

  data: {
    postgres: require('jungles-data-postgres'),
    memory: require('jungles-data-memory'),

  rest: require('jungles-rest'),
  panel: require('jungles-panel'),
  files: require('jungles-files'),
  types: require('jungles-types'),

  helpers: {
    frontend: require('jungles-helpers-frontend'),

  middleware: {
    frontend: require('jungles-middleware-frontend'),
    general: require('jungles-middleware-general'),

  errors: require('jungles-errors'),
  validators: require('jungles-validators'),
  validation: require('jungles-validation'),
  components: require('jungles-components'),
  functions: require('jungles-functions'),


module.exports = jungles;
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