Simplifying the connection between Vagrant and pow.cx

npm install kapow
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Simplifying the connection between Vagrant and pow.cx

To use Kapow, clone this repo and then npm link should allow you to use it globally while you develop.

Here is an example of the kapow.json file you can put into all your projects to use kapow with.

    "package": "default",
    "host": "myapp",
    "port": 9000

When you run kapow init in a directory with this in the kapow.json file, kapow will grab the default package from the package cache on your machine (you can keep the cache up-to-date by issuing kapow updatecache and it will pull in any new changes to the packages including new additions. Here are available packages.) into a .kapow folder in your project, then set the port in the local package's Vagrantfile before symlinking the Vagrantfile into your project root folder, then issues echo 900 > ~/.pow/myapp to create the domain http://myapp.dev for you. Once that's all done, you just vagrant up and go through all the stuff dealing with Vagrant and that stuff.

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