A Karma plugin. Launcher for Remote WebDriver instances.

npm install karma-webdriver-launcher
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A plugin for Karma 0.9.3 to launch Remote WebDriver instances


$ npm install karma-webdriver-launcher

In your karma.conf.js file (e.g. using SauceLabs Connect - you need to have a scout tunnel open for this to work!):

module.exports = function(karma) {

  var webdriverConfig = {
    hostname: 'ondemand.saucelabs.com',
    port: 80,
    user: 'USERNAME',
    pwd: 'APIKEY'




      customLaunchers: {
        'IE7': {
          base: 'WebDriver',
          config: webdriverConfig,
          browserName: 'internet explorer',
          platform: 'Windows XP',
          version: '7',
          name: 'Karma'

      browsers: ['IE7'],


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