Automatically start your Node based projects and serve them locally on .dev domains

npm install katon
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Katon is all about saving you time during development.

There's something repetitive that we do: open a terminal, start development server, ... and then start coding.

Using Katon, you can totally forget about manually starting development servers each time. Instead, link them once to Katon and it will automatically start them for you and serve them locally on .dev domains.

Katon runs on Mac OS and works with all your usual tools (Express, Grunt, Gulp, ...).

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For instance, create an Express app.

mkdir app
cd app
express && npm install

Link it.

katon link

Close your terminal and go to http://app.dev.

Open a text editor and try to make some changes to the code (Katon uses nodemon to monitor changes).

Reboot and go to http://app.dev/.


Katon requires Pow to be installed. If it's not, run this:

curl get.pow.cx | sh

You can then proceed installing Katon.

npm install -g katon
katon start

This will install Katon CLI and start Katon daemon. You just have to do this once.

CLI usage

Usage: katon <command> [options]


  link               Link current dir
  link <cmd>         Link current dir and use cmd to start server

  unlink             Unlink current dir
  unlink <app_name>  Unlink app

  open               Open current dir in browser
  open <app_name>    Open app in browser

  list               List linked apps

  start              Start daemon
  stop               Stop daemon
  status             Status information

If you use npm start to start your app or if package.json has a main file property, just run this from you app directory.

katon link

If you use another command.

katon link 'grunt server watch'

If you need to supply a port to listen on, use $PORT.

katon link 'harp server --port $PORT'

It works also with non node servers.

katon link 'python -m SimpleHTTPServer $PORT'

If you want to serve static files, just make sure that if a package.json is present, it has no main or start property.

katon link

View app logs

Katon stores app output in katon.log, to view logs run this from your app directory.

tail -f katon.log

How apps are started

Katon will try to start app using (in this order):

  1. .katon file content, which is created when you pass a custom cmd to katon link
  2. package.json > main
  3. package.json > scripts > start

If it doesn't find .katon, main or start in package.json, Katon will serve files from app directory using a static server.

If main file property is set, Katon will always use nodemon to run the file.

If start script uses node, Katon will replace it with nodemon at runtime. However, if start script uses something else than node, Katon will just start it as npm start would.

How ports are set

Internally, Katon manages ports (starting at 4001) for linked apps.

Whenever it starts an app, it sets the corresponding port in a PORT environment variable. In your code, you'll usually write something like this to get PORT or use a default port:

var port = 3000 || process.env.PORT;

But, if needed, you can also use $PORT in commands. It will be replaced at runtime by Katon.

katon link 'harp server --port $PORT'

Multiple versions of Node

If you've installed nvm, Katon will use your app .nvmrc or ~/.nvm/alias/default to determine which version to use.


No server found or Proxy error

Check that Pow and Katon daemon are running using katon status.

Not found

If you get a 404, it's because your app directory is served using Katon embedded static server and it can't find an index.html.


This usually means that bin is not in Katon PATH. To fix this, link your bin in /usr/local/bin. Future versions of Katon should make this easier.

Feel free also to create an issue.


Katon is a recent project, you may find bugs, have issues, suggestions or questions. Do not hesitate to fill an issue or contact me @typicode.

If you want to add a new feature, it's recommended to create an issue to discuss it before starting to code it.


  • Pow for inspiration and proxying requests.
  • nodemon for restarting Node apps on code change.
  • Powder for CLI inspiration.


Katon is released under the MIT License.

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