Koding Rope for Kites

npm install kd-rope
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Koding Kite to Kite Require Wrapper

Rope is the require wrapper for kites. It simply wraps with Proxy.

Getting Started

First install koding rope from npm.

npm install kd-rope

You should require kd-rope in kite file.

rope = require "kd-rope"

# kite instance...

mykite = rope kiteInstance, "mykite"

mykite.kiteMethod, {params: true}, (err, response)->
  # bla bla

Kite Example

Kite = require 'kd-kite'
rope = require 'kd-rope'
manifest = require './manifest'

kite = new Kite manifest,
     pingKite: (options, callback) ->

     # anotherKite = rope kite, 'anotherKite'

     # anotherKite.pingKite {param: true}, (err, result)->
     #   callback null, result

     return callback null, "pong from #{name}"

module.exports = kite

It uses proxies to wrap the kites.

mykite = rope kite, 'mykite'

mykite.pingKite {}, (err, result)->
  callback null, result
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