Adds keyword processing support to application packager.

npm install keyword-brunch
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A brunch plugin to replace predefined keywords of public files after every compilation.



Add "keyword-brunch": "x.y.z" to package.json of your brunch app. Pick a plugin version that corresponds to your minor (y) brunch version.

If you want the latest repository version, install the plugin by running the following command:

npm install --save "git+ssh://"

Usage in your applicaiton


module.exports = 
    # file filter
    filePattern: /\.(js|css|html)$/

    # Extra files to process which `filePattern` wouldn't match
    extraFiles: [

    # By default keyword-brunch has these keywords:
    #     {!version!}, {!name!}, {!date!}, {!timestamp!}
    # using information from package.json
      myDate: -> (new Date).toISOString()
      someString: "hello"

The plugin will replace any keyword in map surrounded with '{!' and '!}' by the result of the given associated function or with the given associated string. The functions are re-calculated on every build, but only once per build, not at every file. So you can make some keywords for the current git repository branch, commit hash, ...

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