Extract relevant keywords from a text.

npm install keyword-extract
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A NodeJS librairy which extract relevant keywords from a string.

A word is treated as relevant when it


You first need to import the librairy:

var extractor = require('../lib/keyword.js');


For now, only one function is available, but more will come soon.


extractor.extract(lang, text, callback);
  • lang: the lang accronym of the text (see available languages )
  • text: the text from which the keywords should be extracted
  • callback: the callback function with the array of keywords as parameter.
// Concrete example
extractor.extract('en', 'I like goat from Paris.', function(words) {
    // Use words, the keyword array as you like here
    // It should be equal to ['Paris'] here.


From now, the available languages are:

  • fr (french)
  • en (english)
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