Amazon Kindle My Clippings.txt file to JSON / html parser

npm install kindle-my-clippings
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kindle My Clippings.txt parser to JSON / html


Put the source text file, originaly named My Clippings.txt, into the module root folder and run node index.js The above will create an output file: html or txt (with JSON string) - default is html.


You can change the default settings by editing index.js file in the module root folder:

formatDate set to false displays timestamp

fields set of fields (columns) displayed in the output file. Available: title, author, time, text, type, location, page

displayType type of clippings to display. Available: Hightlight, Note, Bookmark (must begin with a capital letter)

outputType determines the final format of the file: file will result in a raw txt file containing JSON string; html will output a single html file (my_clippings.html), which you can open in a web browser.

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