Dynamic Plugin Module Loader

npm install knax
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Dynamic Module Loader

Current Verision


Usage (local)

returns required './cars/fiat'

Fiat = require('knax').load

    category: 'car'
    class: 'fiat'

Pending Functionality


First tries loading from ./category_plural/class_name and fallsback to node_modules/calling_module_name/lib/category_plural/class_name to allow for userland overideability

npm modules

Loads npm module require('module').ClassName

# returns require('french-car-makers').Fiat
# considering! - Installing the module if not installed to enable 
#                the merging of config distribution and runtime 
#                provisioning into one single action.

Fiat = require('knax').load

    npm:     'french-car-makers'
    version: '3.14'
    class:   'fiat'
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