Uploads file to a certain dir, Displays FS from another, allows to download files

npm install koi
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Koï - BitTorrent for my girlfirend

Koi is a tiny Express.js app that wraps the 2 most common uses of a bitTorrent client:

  • Add torrent files to your client
  • Download files when they're ready


  • A BitTorrent client (be it Deluge, Transmission, or whatever), watching a specific folder for .torrent files.
  • node v0.10.x

What Koi specifically does is:

  • Upload files to the watched folder
  • Displays the contents of the download folder, and let you navigate into it


$ git clone https://github.com/xcambar/koi $ cd koi $ cp app.json.sample app.json $ $EDITOR app.json

Start the server

Basically, you can start the server as follows:

$ npm start

You will probably prefer to install it as a service and run it as a specific user. I highly recommend to do so, but can't help you out, it depends on your OS and config. Google it!

Why "for my girlfriend" ??

To those who might doubt, this is not sexism! It's just that the project originates from the complaints of my girlfriend having to use overly complicated BitTorrent clients.

I thought I could help her.



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