English Premier League table model

npm install league
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A Football League model. Put teams and results in, get a league table history out.

  • One language, one Application Layer, one test suite - each used on both client and server (the Holy Grail?)
  • MVC architecture
  • 100% Handrolled javascript and CSS, no dependecies on 3rd party libraries or frameworks
  • Tested in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera
  • HTML5, CSS3, EcmaScript 5


  • Responsive CSS
  • Connection to a live result service

Web View

View league

The left and right arrow keys move forward and backward through time.




CLI View

View league

Watch an animation showing the League transform over time.

$ git clone https://github.com/75lb/league.git
$ npm install
$ node cli/app.js

A screencast showing the CLI animation is here.


$ npm test

API Synopsis

var league = new League();
league.addTeam({ id: "1", name: "Stoke" });
league.addTeam({ id: "2", name: "Port Vale" });
league.addResult({ date: "10 Sep 2012", homeTeamId: 1, awayTeamId: 2, homeGoals: 6, awayGoals: 0 });
console.log(league.getTable("10 Sep 2012"));


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