Wrapper for the League of Legends API

npm install leagueapi
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A Javascript Wrapper for the League of Legends API

How To Use

Use npm to install it from the npm registry by running npm install leagueapi

Put the following in a server.js file.

var LolApi = require('leagueapi');

LolApi.init('XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX', 'euw');

LolApi.getChampions(true, function(err, champs) {
    champs.forEach(function(champ) {
        if(champ.freeToPlay) console.log(champ.name + ' is free to play!!');

LolApi.Summoner.getByName('YOLO Swag 5ever', function(err, summoner) {
    if(!err) {

Run node server.js

Here's the list of methods and their parameters:

[param] means you can pass null if you don't want to specify this parameter

    LolApi.Init(ApiKey); //Will default to NA
    LolApi.Init(ApiKey, region);

    LolApi.setRateLimit(limitPer10s, limitPer10min);




    LolApi.getChampions([freeToPlay], region, callback);
    LolApi.getChampions([freeToPlay], callback);

    LolApi.getRecentGames(summonerId, region, callback);
    LolApi.getRecentGames(summonerId, callback);

    LolApi.getLeagueData(summonerId, region, callback);
    LolApi.getLeagueData(summonerId, callback);

    LolApi.getLeagueEntryData(summonerId, region, callback);
    LolApi.getLeagueEntryData(summonerId, callback);

    LolApi.getTeams(summonerId, region, callback);
    LolApi.getTeams(summonerId, callback);

    LolApi.Stats.getPlayerSummary(summonerId, [season], region, callback);
    LolApi.Stats.getPlayerSummary(summonerId, [season], callback);

    LolApi.Stats.getRanked(summonerId, [season], region, callback);
    LolApi.Stats.getRanked(summonerId, [season], callback);

    LolApi.Summoner.getMasteries(summonerId, region, callback);
    LolApi.Summoner.getMasteries(summonerId, callback);

    LolApi.Summoner.getRunes(summonerId, region, callback);
    LolApi.Summoner.getRunes(summonerId, callback);

    LolApi.Summoner.getByID(summonerId, region, callback);
    LolApi.Summoner.getByID(summonerId, callback);

    LolApi.Summoner.getByName(name, region, callback);
    LolApi.Summoner.getByName(name, callback);

    LoLApi.Summoner.listNamesByIDs(ids, region, callback);
    LolApi.Summoner.listNamesByIDs(ids, callback);

LeagueJS Gulp Commands

Gulp.js is a streaming build system. Thanks to it's simplicity and code-over-configuration we are able to create a simple, efficient and more intuitive build process.

To get started you need to install Gulp.js globally:

  • npm install -g gulp

Available gulp commands and their descriptions:

Run JSLint on all js files:

  • gulp lint

Run BDD tests:

  • gulp test

Run istabul to generate a code coverage report:

  • gulp test-coverage

Run plato to generate a code analysis report:

  • gulp code-report

Runs both istanbul and plato in with one command:

  • gulp reports

Removes both coverage and report directories created by istanbul and plato

  • gulp clean-reports

Sets up a development environment that will watch for code changes then run JSLint and BDD tests upon saving:

  • gulp dev

Before submitting a pull request run the following command to run JSLint and BDD tests. Also pass it one of the given flags which will change the projects version number in the package.json:

  • gulp prod [--major, --minor, --patch]
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