Taking editing json to the next level with multilevel.

npm install level-json-edit
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Taking editing json to the next level with multilevel.


Fairly well tested, but still in beta.

Lots of API may change (especially event names), and missing documentation needs to be added.

Additionally the example is currently incomplete.


npm install level-json-edit



function (server, config, authentication)

 * Initializes server side end of level-json-edit.
 * @name exports
 * @function
 * @param server
 * @param config {Object} with the following properties:
 *  - dbPath {String} path to level db
 *  - isIndex {Function} should return true if prefix is for a sublevel that is an index, otherwise false
 *  - dataPrefix {String} the prefix of the sublevel that contains the json data
 *  - endpoint {String} ('/engine') any common string that server and client use to connect multilevel
 *  - mixin {Function} (optional) mixin extra functionality into the db, i.e. install a level-live-stream
 *  @param authentication {Object} passed to multilevel server creation (https://github.com/juliangruber/multilevel#authentication)
 *  - auth: {Function} to authenticate user
 *  - access: {Function} called when db is accessed with particular method, throw Error if user is not authorized

Client Side

function (opts, containers)

 * Initializes the client side part of level-json-editor
 * @name exports
 * @function
 * @param opts {Object}
 *  - isIndex {Function} should return true if sublevel is an index, false if not
 *  - valiate {Function} (optional) return false if the data about to be saved is not valid
 *, - dataPrefix {String} the prefix of the sublevel holding the data
 * @param containers {Object}
 *  - indexes {DOMElement} will hold the db indexes
 *  - editor {DOMElement} will hold the actual data editor
 *  - saveButton {DOMElement} will hold the button which will save the edited data
 *  @return {Object} with the following properties:
 *    - on {Function} allows subscribing to various events
 *    - indexes {Object} the indexes viewer (json-editor)
 *    - editor {Object} the data editor (json-editor)
 *    - refreshIndexes {Function} refreshes the indexes view with the current data in index sublevels and calls back when finished



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