describe a levelup plugin for remote access

npm install level-manifest
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Describe the functions that multilevel should provide access to on the client.

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Suppose you implement a levelup plugin that adds some cool new features to a sublevel

retrive a js object describing what methods a client protocol should be able to access.

var manifest = require('level-manifest')

var m = manifest(db)

manifest build a tree of sublevels.

  methods:   {},
  sublevels: {
    foo: {
      methods: {},
      sublevels: {}

Plugins extending a sublevel should add a methods property that describes any new methods that can be used by a remote client.

for example, the default methods are specified like this:

var methods = {
  createReadStream  : {type: 'readable'},
  readStream        : {type: 'readable'},
  createValueStream : {type: 'readable'},
  valueStream       : {type: 'readable'},
  createKeyStream   : {type: 'readable'},
  keyStream         : {type: 'readable'},
  createWriteStream : {type: 'writable'},
  writeStream       : {type: 'writable'},
  isOpen            : {type: 'sync'},
  isClosed          : {type: 'sync'},
  put               : {type: 'async'},
  get               : {type: 'async'},
  del               : {type: 'async'},
  batch             : {type: 'async'},
  approximateSize   : {type: 'async'}

readable, and writable mean readable or writable streams, (use duplex for a stream that is both readable and writable.)

A client should also provide support for these types:

var other = {
  error        : {type: 'error', message: 'not-supported'},
  createStream : {type: 'duplex'},
  nested       : {type: 'object', methods: {get: {type: 'async'}}}

error is used when a method has been disabled.



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