A tool to generate common FOSS LICENSE files

npm install license
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TODO: much better docs

a port / rip-off of lice by jcarbaugh, largely done as a (node/javascript) learning exercise.

npm module to generate common FOSS licenses with a cli

Usage: license [-h]
license [-l]
license [ -o [OWNER] -p [PROJECT] -y [YEAR] ] [license]
license [--config[.key <VALUE>]]
license [--header]

  -h, --help          show this help menu                                                                                     
  -l, --list          list all available license templates                                                                    
  -o, --organization  the organisation/owner that holds the copy[right,left]    [default: git || env.USER]
  -p, --project       the name of the project                                   [default: current directory]
  -y, --year          copyright year                                            [default: current year]
  --config            set default values: usage --config.key value
 available:[year], [project], [licenseType], [organisation]
  --header            just get the license header


npm install license


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