Detect the license of node.js projects and their dependencies

npm install license-sniffer
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node-license-sniffer is a tool for detecting the license of node packages. It will attempt to read the license from package.json. If it cannot find the license in package.json, it will read LICENSE and similarly named files and attempt to guess the license in use.


npm install license-sniffer


node-license-sniffer [package-dir] [--js-comment] [--recurse] [--body]


  • package-dir -- the directory of the package. Defaults to the current directory.
  • --js-comment -- prepend all output with //. Useful if generating license information for inclusion in JavaScript files.
  • --recurse -- find the license for the specified package, and its dependencies.
  • --body -- include the body of each license where possible.


Running node-license-sniffer in its own directory:

$ node-license-sniffer

Using --js-comment and --body (truncated for brevity):

$ node-license-sniffer --js-comment --body
// BSD
//     Copyright (c) 2013, Michael Williamson
//     All rights reserved.
//     Redistribution and use in source and binary forms...

Using package-dir and --recurse:

$ node-license-sniffer node_modules/optimist --recurse
Module: optimist@0.3.7
License: MIT/X11

Module: optimist@0.3.7 => wordwrap@0.0.2
License: MIT/X11
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