Package lilo ( templates and view factories files.

npm install lilo-views-packager
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Lilo views packager

Views packager is a cli tool that search and pack lilo templates, view factories files and styles.

All files supports special -id- placeholder that will be replaced with appropriate view name.

//style.css in view1 dir

  //some styles

//style.css in view2 dir

  //some styles

Output styles.css will contain


  //some styles

  //some styles

Packager works with following dir structure:

myViews(-r --rootDir arg)



  |         |---template.html

  |         |---factory.js

  |         |---style.css







  |---outDir(-o --outDir arg)





lilo.templates["view1"] = "content of view1->template.html";
lilo.templates["view2"] = "content of view2->template.html";

lilo.viewFactories["view1"] = (function(){
  //Function from view1->factory.js
lilo.viewFactories["view2"] = (function(){
  //Function from view2->factory.js

//Combined content from style files
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