Control flow like a boss

npm install line
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Line is flow control designed to work with CoffeeScript.

Here's an example:

Line = require('line').Line

data2 = null

l = new Line
    error: (err) -> console.log('Oh no! One of the callbacks had an error:', err)

    -> fs.readdir 'my_dir', @wait()

    (files) ->
        # Callback results can be named, or observed
        fs.readFile "my_dir/#{files[0]}", 'utf8', @wait('data1')
        fs.readFile "my_dir/#{files[1]}", 'utf8', @wait (data) -> data2 = data
        fs.stat "my_dir/#{files[2]}", @wait()

    # By default, the result of the last wait() call will be passed on
    (stats) ->
        console.log('Contents of the first file:', @results.data1)
        console.log('Contents of the second file:', data2)
        console.log('Result of fs.stat for the third file:', stats)

    # If there is no wait() call, the callback will complete immediately

# Blocks can also be added later
l.add -> console.log('All the tasks completed without errors.')
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