simple line diff function for both client and server end

npm install linediff
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Simple Diff Utilities

This is a simple line diff utility function to do simple diff for text. Both for client end and server end(node.js).

This project is licensed under BSD/GPL

How to install

For client end, you just need to download scripts in client/ directory. require that file and use it like normal function.

For server end, you could use npm to install it.
npm install linediff

How to use

Client End

  • require the file

    <script src="client/diff.js"></script>

  • use it like normal function

    var ret = diff(left, right, options);

Server Side(NodeJs)

  • require the file

    var diff = require('linediff');

  • save as in client end

More info

prototype = array diff(string left, string right, object options)

  • param left, original text
  • param right, text to compare with
  • param options should be {max: <integer>, ret: <integer>}
    • max distance checking. more for accurate, small for speed, default is 40
    • ret return style, should be one of 0,1,2
      • 0 for return equal lineno
      • 1 for return diff lineno
      • 2 for return html version of the diff result. diff line will be tagged as <span class="diff diff-remove/diff-add"></span>


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