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npm install listal
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npm install listal -g

Simple bot to download pictures from listal

For example, if you want to download all images in listal from inception just type:

listal -u

If you want all the pictures from the director:

listal -u

Or if you are on the naughty side and want the pictures of diCaprio or Ellen Page try:

listal -u
listal -u

All pictures are downloaded by default to target/resource_name but you can change this with the -o option.

I used to have 5 concurrent pages at a time, but OSX EMFILE was giving me problems, so I set it to two.

If by any weird reason someone starts using this, open issues to address all the stuff I didn't bother doing:

  • Exposing timeout to quit
  • Exposing number of concurrent pages
  • Better handling of the -u option, for example accept bad urls
  • Better code in some areas.
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