Micro-literate programming lib for javascript, inspired by docco

npm install lit
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Lit is a micro-literate programming library for Javascript inspired by docco. Lit was created for the Apres project but is released separately for easy integration with any project wanting to display annotated Javascript code. Lit features:

  • Pure Javascript implementation, no shell-outs.
  • Runs in browser, or via node.js.
  • Can be loaded as an AMD module via requirejs, a CommonJS module via node.js, or via a simple <script> include.
  • Table-free, simple, and readable html structure.
  • Multiple css styles.
  • Pluggable comment and code parsers.
  • MIT License.


To use Lit on the command-line, use npm install lit, use the global option to be able to run it anywhere.



The command-line script litjs is provided to create annotated web pages from Javascript source files.

  Create annotated web page from JS source

  Usage: litjs [infile]

    -t, --template  HTML template file name, defaults to columns.html 
    -o, --out       Output file, defaults to stdout                   
    --title         Title for output page, defaults to input file name
    --style, -s     Page style, one of "columns", "callouts", or "stacked"  [default: "columns"]
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