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npm install liteview
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a NodeJS template engine!

example: var view = require('liteview'); view.init(tpl_base); // set template base to view view.debug(true); //if needed, set debug ,view will console.log the debug info view.render('test.html',{ name:'liteview', version:'v x.x.x' });


* simple syntax,type less , do more;
* cache template into mem, so run more faster;


* init(base);  init template base
* debug(bool); set debug
* handler(name,func); regist functions that called in the tpl
* tpl(tpl); pre-compile the tpl file, and tpl will be cached ,so when cal render, no more compile;
* render(tpl,data); return string (usually  html code);

... to be contine next update ,template run in browser

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