An implementation of the LiveReload 2 server in Node.js

npm install livereloadx
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Edit & Reload

User documentation is under

This is developper documentation.

Setting up a development environment

First, clone a git repo by running:

git clone git://
cd livereloadx

Install dependant modules:

npm install

Check out gh-pages branch if you wish to edit project page:

git new-workdir . gh-pages gh-pages

(ref) git-new-workdir, git-new-workdir-win

Running tests

Run unit tests.

grunt mochaTest

Run jshint and unit tests.


Edit project page

Install Ruby and Jekyll:

gem install jekyll

Install dependant modules:

cd gh-pages
npm install
npm install -g grunt-cli

Run grunt.


Now open http://localhost:35927/_site/ on your browser.

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