log/linear quantization

npm install llquantize
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llquantize - Log/linear quantization

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For more information on log/linear quantization, see this blog post.

To summarize: log/linear quantization addresses the problem of using the wrong aggregation resolution, which leads to "clogging the system with unnecessarily fine-grained data, or discarding valuable information in overly coarse-grained data".

It does this by logarithmically aggregating by order of magnitude, but linearly aggregating within an order of magnitude.


var llquantize = require('llquantize')
  , llq = llquantize()

// Input some data points.
llq(0.54); llq(0.55)
llq(2);    llq(3)
llq(12);   llq(14)
llq(124);  llq(199)

// Get the accumulated data.
// =>
// { "0.5": 2
// , "2":   1
// , "3":   1
// , "10":  2
// , "20":  1
// , "100": 2
// }

As you can see, the closer to zero the data points approach, the greater the precision used to track/group them (and vice-versa).


llquantize([bucket_size=10, [steps=10]])


  • bucket_size - The factor by which the bucket size should increase. (i.e. the first bucket will have the size bucket_size, the next will be bucket_size^2...)
  • steps - The number of divisions per bucket,


$ npm install llquantize



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