A Node.js and browserify leveldown API implementation that maps to localstorage in the browser

npm install localstorage-down
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localstorage implementation of leveldown for mobile and desktop browsers.

The idea is to be able to use the level stack on phone and desktops.

The scenarios envisaged are :

  1. Occasionally connected clients

  2. Adhoc Networks where clients need to sync directly with each other.

This project is intended for use with the level eco-system.


browser support


    npm install localstorage-down


At the command prompt in your chosen directory :

npm install localstorage-down
npm install levelup 
npm install beefy -g
npm install browserify -g

Create a file called index.js and enter the following:

var leveldown = require('localstorage-down')
  , levelup = require('levelup')
  , factory = function (location) { return new leveldown(location) }
  , db = levelup('/does/not/matter', { db: factory })

db.put('name', 'Yuri Irsenovich Kim')
db.put('dob', '16 February 1941')
db.put('spouse', 'Kim Young-sook')
db.put('occupation', 'Clown')

   .on('data', function (data) {
      if(typeof data.value !== 'undefined') 
         console.log(data.key, '=', data.value)
   .on('error', function (err) {
      console.log('Oh my!', err)
   .on('close', function () {
      console.log('Stream closed')
   .on('end', function () {
     console.log('Stream ended')

Publish the site :

beefy index.js

See the output :


Listen to John Cage :



    beefy tests/test

Browse to http://localhost:9966/ View console logs in the browser to see test output.


Anton Whalley https://github.com/no9

Adam Shih https://github.com/adamshih

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