A wrapper to emit dtrace results to logentries

npm install logentries-dtrace
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# pkgin in gmake


npm install node-gyp -g


npm install logentries-dtrace


var logdtrace = require("logentries-dtrace")('logentries-logkey', locationofdtracefile, interval)

See examples folder for more details

Running The Examples

Install the simple http server to test monitoring

# git clone https://github.com/No9/logentries-dtrace.git
# cd ../logentries-dtrace/examples
# svcadm disable apache
# svcadm disable nginx
# svccfg import http-service-manifest.xml 
# svcadm enable logentries-dtrace-http-service

You should now be able to open the a default website on your server http://YOUR.IP.ADDRESS.HERE/

Now configure DTrace

# wget https://raw.github.com/joyent/node/v0.8.11-release/src/node.d --no-check-certificate

And mv the file to /home/admin/dtrace

# mkdir /home/admin/dtrace
# mv node.d /home/admin/dtrace/node.d

Edit the logkey in the .js file you wish to run. You should now be able to run D-Trace Against Log Entries

# node singlelatency.js

And then from a machine with apache benchmark installed.

# ab -n10000 http://YOUR.IP.ADDRESS.HERE
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