Looks for files, and loads or requires them

npm install looker
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A utility library to help finding and loading files or modules. Give looker a set of paths to look in, and then call one of looker's methods to find and load the file. Paths can be specified with a priority, so you can specify a cascading set of places to look and only load the first matching result. This library can also be used to require in javascript files into a node app.


// Create a new looker
var look = new require('looker')();

// Add some lookup paths

// A lookup path to look in first,
// The default priority is 500, so
// any path with a lower priority value
// will be looked in first.  This will
// look two directories up before
// looking in the next two
look.lookupPath('../..', 100);

// Check if a file exists
look.exists('package.json', function(fullPath) {
    // The full path to the resolved package.json
    // Ex: /Users/you/your-project/package.json
    if (fullPath) {
        console.log('Yeah, found it: ' + fullPath);
    } else {
        console.error('Could not fine file');

// Read a file content
look.readFile('package.json', function(err, content, fullPath) {
    // Check for errors
    if (err) {
        console.error('Either the file was not found or is not readable');

    // Use the content
    var pkg = JSON.parse(content);
    console.log('Version: ' + pkg.version);

// Require a file
look.require('index.js', function(err, module, fullPath) {
    // Check for errors
    if (err) {
        console.error('Either it did not exist, or failed to be required');

    // Use the module

// Require a module, sync
var m = look.requireSync('index.js');
if (!m) {
    // Module not found
} else {
    // Do something with the module

// Require all files the directores
look.requireAll(function(modules) {

    // Modules is a hash of resolved paths to 
    // the required content of the module:
    // {
    //   '/full/path/to/file.js': [Function]
    //   '/full/path/file.js': [Function]
    // }


// Try for a file name in each lookup path
], function(content, filepath) {

    // Looks for the first file, home.html, in each path, 
    // if it was not found, it moves on to index.html
    // The content and filepath returned are the first
    // file found that matched the filemname

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