Transform a stream or array into a lookup object

npm install lookup
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module.exports = function makeReducer (hash=pluck("id"), onCollision="last")

lookupReducer creates a reducing function (suitable for passing to Array.prototype.reduce or reducible) that builds a lookup table of objects based on the provided hash function:

function reducer (mapping, object) {
  mapping[hash(object)] = object
  return mapping

The hash parameter provided to makeReducer may also be a string, in which case it will be passed to pluck to create a hash function.

Different reducer implementations can be selected by the onCollision parameter provided to lookupReducer. The default shown above ("last") keeps the last value seen for any given hash. The other options are "first", which retains the first value seen for a given key, and "concat" which handles collisions by creating an array containing every value seen for a given key.

makeReducer.reduce(arr, hash=pluck("id"), onCollision="last")

A short-hand way of writing arr.reduce(makeReducer(hash, onCollision), {}).

makeReducer.writableStream(hash=pluck("id"), onCollision="last", callback)

Returns a writable stream that will use the reducer function to aggregate objects written to it into a single mapping. While the first two arguments are optional a callback must be provided. The callback will be called with the complete lookup table on the streams "end" event.


BSD (2 clause)

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