MySQL connector for loopback-datasource-juggler

npm install loopback-connector-mysql
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loopback-connector-mysql is the MySQL connector module for loopback-datasource-juggler.

For complete documentation, see StrongLoop Documentation | MySQL Connector.


npm install loopback-connector-mysql --save

Basic use

To use it you need loopback-datasource-juggler.

  1. Setup dependencies in package.json:

       "dependencies": {
         "loopback-datasource-juggler": "latest",
         "loopback-connector-mysql": "latest"
  2. Use:

         var DataSource = require('loopback-datasource-juggler').DataSource;
         var dataSource = new DataSource('mysql', {
             host: 'localhost',
             port: 3306,
             database: 'mydb',
             username: 'myuser',
             password: 'mypass'

    You can optionally pass a few additional parameters supported by node-mysql, most particularly password and collation. Collation currently defaults to utf8_general_ci. The collation value will also be used to derive the connection charset.

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